SEUDATI DANCE - Heroism dances from Aceh

Seudati dance is a traditional dance typical of Aceh, which is popular in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam era of the kingdom of Aceh and until now very heroic.

Dance is played by 8 people who called a friend and 2 people who sing the lyric verse of-called seudati child ( Aneuk seudati )or children syahi( Aneuk syahi ).

From 8 friends / dancers who called the sheik ( Syeh )and Apet sheik ( Apet Syeh ). Sheik standing in the position of second from left front row of the spectators based on the vision of the future. 

Some experts say Seudati derived from the word Syahadatain, and there is also a word that comes from sahadati (Arabic). In this dance Seudati rely on the body of dancers as his instrument, such as stomach beaten ( Peh prut ) , put the ches ( peh dada ), fingers are ( Ketip jaroe ), plaudit ( peh jaroe ), and with that shrill voice.

In the game seudati consists of some act / sessions, namely:

1. Peace Child Syahi (Saleum aneuk syahi)
2. Peace sheik (saleum sheik)
3. Likok ***
4. Saman ***
5. Story ( Kisah )
6. Pansi ***
7. Lanie / gambus opener ( Gambus Pembuka )
8. Gambus cover. ( Gambus Penutop )

Verses-versification Seudati contain messages Islam, a traditional / hadihmaja, incendiary spirit stories and history of Aceh. Along with the growth and development dynamics in Aceh, could versemonger also be adjusted. A child syahi (syeha) a reliable, he can create a lyric-verse of the spontaneity with the condition when the show. Verses shaped his rhyming verse ab ab.

Formerly in the era of wars seudati often used to evoke the spirit sabil war against the colonizers. There has been no mention of the source who first created the seudati this. Perhaps by history experts, is estimated seudati is created by the ulama to release the spare exhaustion after the battle for the next war. Besides, it is also often played at events statesman and traditional kingdom of Aceh.

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